March 1, 2010

Day 56 -- Even Light Hides in the Dark

Even those bars cannot hold sweet Light out
She still manages to filter around and about
She twists and curves to create quiet space
Challenging silent Darkness face to face
“I will live on, can you?” she dares
While into Darkness’ lined face she stares
“The hope I share it belongs now and here,
I do everything through love not invoking fear.”
Darkness sits patiently awaiting his plunge
The brave knight armed and ready to lunge
Into the battle that the “peaceful one” brings
His tactics are frustrating when she expects stings
She expects him to play dirty and unfair
She never understands that he does too care
Instead she pierces right into his heart
Wrenching the curtains of black clean apart
He coexists without a single cruel demand
Hoping that one day she will understand
That all they are recreates, the life of the other
Much like the case between son and mother

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