January 5, 2011



Dearest Blog Readers,

It is official, this post is post-blog. There won't be a poem and the photograph is a combination of shots from yesterday and today. This project has been one of the wildest rides we have ever taken and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for taking it with us.

A little about us when we're not blogging, today just as two ordinary citizens, Eric took over 170 photographs and Jackie, wrote 6 poems which changed and grew as we went about on adventures. Without a deadline our fingers still dash across the keyboard (but without anxiety) and our batteries dying won't destroy the world; if the internet chooses to be temperamental we won't be as tempted to curse the heavens above for taunting us so. The comments and support we have received in the past 24 hours and the past 365 days have been overwhelming and life changing.

We hope you have seen enough to have a favorite post, enough that the images are stuck in your mind, enough that words of your own blossom upon your tongues, and maybe occasionally you remember a phrase.

From the mind of the Poet: Writing on a single moment (trapped in the lenses of a camera), has drawn out my appreciation for the little things in life. The way the beach marks your trail, by inviting footprints into the sand it holds, or the joy of dancing as though nothing else in the world matters. Single moments barely exist in life, for they are linked to a chain of events before and after, so closely that our memories of them are never completely clear. Taking the time to love that truth and push it to its limits has been an extraordinary experience.

From the mind of the Photographer: : Grabbing my camera as I head out the door, my brain automatically goes into “story mode”. Walking down the street, everything I see suddenly has a story. That bird to my left is courting the one on the power lines. The dog across the street is walking his human, trying to get her to run and be healthier. The squirrel running around under the acorn tree is hunting for food to last through the winter. Upon the return to my computer, my stop-motion stories are fixed up and sent off to my poet to be told.

Thank you each from the bottoms of our hearts, to those of you in our home communities, and to those of you across oceans. Our art is the most we can give you, and in receiving it you have parts of us.

With Peace,
Jackie & Eric

January 4, 2011

Day 365

She was in love with the whole world
He was trying to find the world and saw her
The wind in her hair, the way she twirled
Free visions that began to stir

Dreams were drenched that wonder year
In sounds that only spoke in color
Side by side there, they knew no fear
Delighting in shaking the rule they were under

And so it was they were caught in an array of tales
That were not planned in any way at all
Filling the wind of their childish sails
Slowly daring to break down the wall
They made beautiful mistakes in the town
That leaked in tears across the pages of time
Started by wicked joys that pulled the stars down
Turning every moment into the perfect rhyme

He watched her with the eyes of awe, no words to speak
She lived the only way she knew, in love with the world, not a person
The day turned into many a sunshine bleached week
In those days the creativity had only just begun

So he went about capturing the moon
Just that she may reveal its strange light
All they said was with the essence of a tune
One that darkened day and illumined night

Seasons waxed and waned in time with growing
Sunflowers once green as emeralds began to droop
Less was given space, and they stopped knowing
Once inspiring moments could be found on loop

But the golden days returned in fields of hope
That flung words into the sky of freedom
Stringing beads, words and places upon the rope
That lasso-ed the wonders of their kingdom

And now the photographer with the poet at his side
Is pulling forward the messages of rhythmic deeds
Together they fade into the horizon, as the ocean’s tide
Destined to leave a healthier ground for inspiration’s seeds

January 3, 2011

Day 364 - Always the Ballerina

Answer the question that covers it all
She is the belle of the whole ball
And yet she hides behind her grace
A ballerina is not about her face
She is about the story that she writes
In the many twists and night time delights
That fills the theatre as she makes her way on stage
Ready to pull all the audience into another age
Perhaps it is the world that was long ago
Or one, which without her leaps we could never know
That speaks in the arch of her arms swaying
All the whispers that lips are not saying
They twinkle in the life she is creating
That has all the world, catching breath, waiting
To see who she is in the world they know not
So purely in her fantastic spell are they caught

January 2, 2011

Day 363 - Yin and Yang

Let us hide our answer away
It is too precious to simply say
Lie by my side and trust me, dearest
Things are alright when you are nearest
It is in finding your hand to hold
Turning the deepest lead into gold
So pure that it emanates light
All the while bringing on the wisdom of night
That echoes in shades of the moon
And each way the lovers swoon
Across the pages of every book
In the ways that their eyes look
But only when gazing at each other
The other half to be found in one another
The other answer to the question
The other response to the suggestion
The way the birds wish they could fly
High and away into the azure sky
We are the two halves of the soul
Only united can we ever be whole
She who radiates light at every turn
She needed some shadows to finally learn
She who walked with night as her cloak
It was time that she finally spoke
And so hands held we go on
With the stamping of a bear and the grace of a swan

January 1, 2011

Day 362 - Night of Splendor

There was a great boom and the tune we know so well
It holds thousands of midnight kisses and even more stories to tell
The light that was raining down upon the world where we stand
Inspired a hundred dreams as I held your hand
And we danced in the streets singing all the songs we knew
The glee was blatant and honest, no other experience was ever so true
We stayed up late into the night wandering when day would begin
Surrounded by friends just as close as our kin
We pondered at the stars like fireworks stuck in the sky
The collective genius of all the world made us together, sigh
Some things can only be expressed in the miracle of breath
The moving and filling, that keeps us far from death
There was a great boom and the tune we know so well
It holds thousands of midnight kisses and even more stories to tell

December 31, 2010

Day 361 - Twenty-Four Hundred Times

I wondered what happened on this block
So much so that it was repeated again and again
So amazing that it was inscribed on the rock
To be seen by the next age of men
Was it the dance that put all melodies to disgrace?
Was it the place where they ended the last war?
Was it the memory of seeing such a fair face
That nothing like it had ever been seen before?

I hope it was the words between the truest of lovers
That cannot be shared between any others
I hope it was the peace that echoes forever
When all of the universes stand together
Tell me if you can with all of your rhymes…
What was it that happened twenty-four hundred times?

December 30, 2010

Day 360 - The Angel's View

Well far out and away
Are the places the angels used to stay
The mists would lift their wings higher
Riding the winds like a horseman his sire
The deepest of the angels were the seraphim
In the blackest of night, they make the stars gleam
The true blue angels with loyalties to match
Dance about the clouds with dreams to catch
They throw the dreams down to messengers of a lighter shade
Who then put the dreams in our minds to later fade
Those who dare to perch on the buildings man creates
Spin the threads that each our destinies elevates
And the final in golden rays high up above
Those angels send down the showers of who we love