January 4, 2011

Day 365

She was in love with the whole world
He was trying to find the world and saw her
The wind in her hair, the way she twirled
Free visions that began to stir

Dreams were drenched that wonder year
In sounds that only spoke in color
Side by side there, they knew no fear
Delighting in shaking the rule they were under

And so it was they were caught in an array of tales
That were not planned in any way at all
Filling the wind of their childish sails
Slowly daring to break down the wall
They made beautiful mistakes in the town
That leaked in tears across the pages of time
Started by wicked joys that pulled the stars down
Turning every moment into the perfect rhyme

He watched her with the eyes of awe, no words to speak
She lived the only way she knew, in love with the world, not a person
The day turned into many a sunshine bleached week
In those days the creativity had only just begun

So he went about capturing the moon
Just that she may reveal its strange light
All they said was with the essence of a tune
One that darkened day and illumined night

Seasons waxed and waned in time with growing
Sunflowers once green as emeralds began to droop
Less was given space, and they stopped knowing
Once inspiring moments could be found on loop

But the golden days returned in fields of hope
That flung words into the sky of freedom
Stringing beads, words and places upon the rope
That lasso-ed the wonders of their kingdom

And now the photographer with the poet at his side
Is pulling forward the messages of rhythmic deeds
Together they fade into the horizon, as the ocean’s tide
Destined to leave a healthier ground for inspiration’s seeds


  1. Amazing way to end it guys.

  2. this is extremely nice , you finished strong :))
    I love both the photos and the poem ,, well done . and congrats :)