March 17, 2010

Day 72 - Ever Present

Remember me, young impatient dear?
I am still staunchly waiting here
After the bite of winter’s cold
I am still standing a tale untold
Sparse and prickly standing tall
Reflecting quietly on nature’s call
To bring bright hues into sight
Showing that with color comes might
Disregarding the solid and brown
Laughing me off as though I am the clown
While truly I know the wisdom of time
Ruining a moment is indeed a crime
That youth has too often been taught
Only shy and amused when it is caught
Playfully it will rush into the calm lake
With so many pretty pictures to take
It will last for a clear and kind season
And soon the heat will sway reason
Then it that gazebo young hearts will begin to grow
Whispering sweet nothings that we shall never know
And I will watch as things circle once more
Bard to their summer loving lore
And when the heat begins to fade again
I will be watching even then

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