April 14, 2010

Day 100 - Boat Hope

Boat Hope
I have heard of a special time and place
Where boats could bring us face to face
To embrace at long last
Laughing at our lonely past
For love takes a relationship
But I would settle for your smiling lip
On the deck of that little boat
We could keep one another afloat
Across the wide expanse of sea
Bringing you closer to me
I can hear the waves in my heart
That keep us so far apart
I can also see the clear ocean blue
In your eyes, defining you
But for now it is only a lonely yacht
With all of my feelings caught
In the letters that we share
Though the distance is unfair
I cannot make it to you this time
Longing will last through another rhyme
And in every single line that we wrote
There on the ocean, hope is afloat

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