April 20, 2010

Day 106 - The Search for Serenity

The Search for Serenity
A young woman went out and away
On through the woods on a quiet day
Never was there a path or trail here
She had only the touch of her feet to steer
Steer the adventure she was taking
With all the hopes that she was making
In her bosom her heart swelled
Passion and hope together would weld
Weld like silver into a iron cast
A steady decision from the past
To find what others call clarity
That sacred moment of serenity
Some said the stones knew it well
Others that the waters had secrets to tell
And so she wandered in-between them all
So deeply beckoned by their ancient call
That says whispers are answers too true
To simply blurt out to every one of you


  1. You're silly. You're not gonna find a Firefly-class in that puddle.

    Searching for Serenity. Psssh.

  2. Haha Josh I love you