April 28, 2010

Day 114 - Heaven's Tree

Heaven's Tree
Bursting crown of glory at its peak
Leaving my knees completely weak
Heaven abounds down upon our earth
Exciting, reciting the world's rebirth
Like the cry of a baby boy
Ringing out in laughter's joy
A beautiful world in full bloom
Revealed through the sweetest perfume
The fruit grows round and sweet
One more cycle is complete
Heaven has uttered a prayer upon us all
The new light the angels' call
Shadows allow rest and meditation
Fading away, like cobwebs, mediation
Or any reasons to fight the conflicts back
Only calm serenity is found in the black
For the crown of brilliance is piercing to see
Defining more clearly the meaning of this tree
And of all life which defines our place
The sweet dimples, on our home's face

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