June 5, 2010

Day 152 - Monument of Man

A breathing living monument you say?
Nay that cannot be.
A true monument must in one place stay,
Yet what is it I see?
Man linked to woman one by one
Glowing together as they stand in the sun

Such a creation will shatter the earth,
So simple, yet so refined.
Equal with no matter of their birth?
So honest, yet so kind.
Yes, this monument is angelically inspired
A chain holding whilst many are tired

Such trust in a one another is the key,
Opening many a gate.
They waver for no single man’s plea,
Holding out instead for fate.
That is the fashion in which they thrive,
Coming out not just breathing, but alive!

Dear Readers,
Today's poem was written before the picture was taken. What do you think of the photographer's  choice in picture?

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