July 13, 2010

Day 190 - Herstory

Holding up the stories of ages
Tightly bound in gold leaf pages
Garments that fit a princess
Green envy as an address
Of the letters that tell a tale
Of a golden knight unable to fail
She has a tongue as hot as flame
Though her smile seems quite tame 
The same lips that curl to brighten a room
Warn loud and clear when danger begins to loom
She advocates for everything
That has a story growing
The stranger in her quickly smiles
And journeys off for endless miles


  1. hi jackie, it's rose (not so anonymous, but don't know how else to post this..) - reading your poetry is so inspiring (and i love the photos too). i've enjoyed hearing about your grand adventures in learning at brandeis. keep on rocking the world of words! xo

  2. Under the comment field there should be a drop down menu where you can choose how you want to comment as.