July 25, 2010

Day 202 - Viewing Poetics

If you could echo in the shades of light
The very story that lasted in fingertips
Then the easy going, glowing ethereally bright
Stories of ecstatic joys easily passes through lips
Into waves of wonder and grasses like pools
Which ripple in footprints of moments passing by
Pressed deep in the toes of love hardy fools
With musician's notes upon clouds lost in the sky
And silver chains answering the ageless
In intricate designs of winding, entwining trust
Redefining the existence of the cage-less
In flavors of orange thunder storm clouding rust
Fabrics so fresh with time that refuses to move
In the speed of echoing arches of modernization
That all with an epitome have something to prove
With methods of articulated internalization
That beauty flows in whispers that do not speak
Except to make fewer at one beings gloriously weak

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