August 3, 2010

Day 211 - Fading Light

Fade in and out of reality
With the glass above your head
They whisper "There was a tragedy..
Miracle that she isn't dead."
The old house smells like people
From church and other places
But it seems to be missing the steeple
You can't manage comprehending the faces

I am waking up you think blearily
Yet no one around is taking notice
You wish you could think clear-ily
Or respond to the awkward kiss
In the corner by the little nephew
Whose faces screams let me out
But he could actually scream unlike you
So you wish you could beg him to shout

Will you awaken completely soon?
When you can breathe without the stifling?
It seems to be ticking on every afternoon
And life is getting ever more trifling
But still you try a little longer
Because what if you make it out today?
Yet every moment turns ever wronger
And at some point you have nothing left to say

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