August 5, 2010

Day 213 - Yellowed Evenings

Yellow death you would say
Even though others see nice light
You would prefer the lazy gray
For your delicately picky eyesight
Climb the stairs closer to me
That bring you up to my breaths' entrance
Beginning at dusk seductively
In a heartbeat aching tango-esque dance

This is the meeting place of the dazed
Who need a new beat to thrive upon
They appear to arrive thoroughly unfazed
But honestly they hope and beg to fawn
Over your wicked smile and face
That matches your charm so slick
Giving a new flavor to this old place
Where old habits, like thieves, are thick

You would prefer a gray day, sir
But I know better with a hint of my lips
I can make your secrets softly purr
As they stroke the curving sway of my hips
Just remember the yellow plays its part
Even though you call it fake and quaint
It is constantly redefining my heart
For you, my darlin' can be no saint

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