August 21, 2010

Day 229 - Tragedy? Which one?

Limit me to a dark alleyway
And dark stories will leap out today
To strangle the thirst for blood they crave
With many an innocent life to try and save
As the bricks grow darker and more like grime
The moving objects begin to slip and slime
Their paths of putrid disgusting filth overcomes
The very definition of the deathly slums
That choke the filth we call a place
Where men refuse to gaze into a face
And children greedily pillage and thieve
For they have no other way to grieve
The mothers that beat them to sleep
No time in the ticking endlessness to weep
Cusses swarm out faster than steam
That is purifying the so noxious stream
That the air begins to choke us back
Now someone's water is clear, but our lungs are black
Caged as the beast we pitifully became
They number us off no need for a name
When someone dies or is raped until suicide
It is because the societal rules that they defied
The police get bored with tales of ours
Weaning more off of the holier-than-we powers
That tale is not straight and narrow at all
Just the endless simplicity of death's call
Which echoes as it surrounds every one
The rejected, sister, aunt and son
Though some day lucky the others may pick
Some poor born bum who would lick
Their feet and polished shoes with greed
As the dog who must endlessly feed
A parasite they will label him
They are right those who are so prim
They cannot breathe these fumes
Rather their fruity perfumes
Layered over clean skin and soap
When our grim is caked with mis-hope 
Give me a dark, ripped tattered sleeve
And an honest tragedy I shall weave

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