August 30, 2010

Day 238 - Spade Hearts Studded in Diamonds

Let me reflect in the queen of spades heart
That cools in shades of ivory in silence
As the silver poured upon glass to set life apart
From the ground and dirt that builds the fence
Upon the land of modernized fidelities
That echo in a calmly wooden framed land
That hums to the tune of vain practicalities
If the first will not give answer you can understand
The king of diamonds will be hard pressed to provide
Adequate responses to her endless inquiries on his craft
That should one day spurn her to his pleading side
He misses the long ago times when she and he laughed
But newer abilities of her court of laughing jacks
Young but so adoring of her queenly presence
Nothing that can hopefully suggest the max
Of what she found in their ivory silence
To the beat of her lively anything but black heart
Beauty will perhaps one day reflect them no longer apart

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