September 1, 2010

Day 240 - Inner Reflection

Calmness soars around me here
Wisps of aura can be discovered flying
In this place where I exterminate fear
Past all the hills of endless crying
I gaze into the depths of my soul
Past shadowy fields and many a rainbow
Until I find a balance that makes me whole
And my breathing becomes soft and low
A thrum builds in my quiet breast
Peace in this physical insanity
Empowering my heart and feeling blessed
Trusting the spinning of my humanity
Strung as pearls on a perfect chain
In a spiraling galaxy of my being I gave in
To the platinum grasses and the glowing plain
Whispering how to be set free and begin
The levitation of all that I possess now
Above this cozy seat I know so well
I discover my body never need again bow
It has so many secrets it is happy to tell
In vibrant shades of black at my silent request
Through echoing cold white tunnels I will traverse
All to be welcomed to a loving flowing rest
As sweet as any in this floating universe

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