September 6, 2010

Day 245 - A Stairway To Heaven

One at a time even less than that
No need to rush the steps you take
Again you wipe your feet on the mat
Hoping not to defile this for your own sake
You comprehend so very little here
Though each move towards the light erases fear

In black in white it seems too plain
You cannot pull your eyes away
To gaze here your life you train
And still you have only nothings to say
"I'm sorry" or perhaps "now I know"
Depending when you walk into this show

only your own inner dimensions can you see
of this ongoing blindness that is before you
you create the patches and vision on this journey
so the lessons you begin to learn are the truest of true
the blurring edges seem intimidating at best
but at some levels they provide a kind of rest

That cools the heartbeat this place misses
By only containing a soul and a mind
The quietness is the serenity of kisses
Such things are never clearly defined
For that would promise too much knowing
Abandoning the hope of this glowing

Grieving and perfected place
That has only up and down to peruse
Laughing when you try to race
Like the spark along the fuse
You will not feel your end consume you
For none who come here ever do

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