September 11, 2010

Day 250 - Remembering Those Airplanes in the Bright Sky

Some ethereal tune begins to play
Drawing tears from your tired eyes
Many a person fell to their knees to pray
The song echoes the thousands' cries
That same glow you deeply cherished
Within the smiles of your loved ones
Remains memorialized when they perished
In the heat of a billion angry suns
Heavy beams twisted and melted, devastated
Nothing compared to the people there
Who knew mass destruction could be created?
Within the agony one can only in horror, stare
Pierce the sky with natural clouds that pour
Rain water to cleanse away the tears
Peaceful times may we endlessly implore
And at last discover after all these years
Stop the painful need to in terror, flee
Set the glow of our humanity out and free

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