October 19, 2010

Day 288 - Ash That Remains

The sign read "אהבה"
But you couldn't understand it
So it meant nothing to you
When the bombs hit
Maybe a give-minute clip
Of the death toll rising once again
But that is all it meant to you
You couldn't read the sign

The sign read "l'espoir"
Which was as foreign to you
As a night without explosions
You had dreamed once of such a thing long ago
But since then you only hit the button
The one that ignites the flame somewhere
And sends the sparks of hatred into the sky
You couldn't read the sign
The sign read "शांति"
You only saw some bizarre drawing
You did not even recognize it to be lettering
Painted with meticulous patience
In the only colors they could find
Blood red for the many tragedies seen
But bright yellow for the sun still shining
You covered it in the gray of ash
You couldn't read the sign

The sign read "love"
And they torched it seeming demons
In the malicious point of the "v"
The sign read "hope"
The button they pushed was as red as yours
But with a greater diameter of destruction
The sign read "peace"
But even if you had spoken their tongue
That you could not have translated
Note from the Poet
Stanza 1 - Hebrew for love - אהבה pronounced ahavah
Stanza 2 - French for hope - l'espoir -
Stanza 3 - Hindi for peace - शांति - pronounced shanti

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