November 12, 2010

Day 312 - Heartless

One day I met a heartless boy
As I was walking in the woods
I asked him what happened to joy?
He said it faded away on shoulds
What should have been but never was
When I asked him why he only answered, because

I offered to search for his heart with him
He shook his head and said thanks, but no
I told him finding it alone seemed grim
He shrugged his shoulders and said I know
But she who took it ran far away
And I am without it to this very day


  1. jackie, i love the poem. it is very emotional. the picture is also amazing. i am trying out this comment thing :P last time it didnt work.

  2. Gabi, thanks so much that means a lot. It was pretty intensely packed with emotion, I'm glad it read out well. Comments are my favorite thing ever, so this made my day.