November 19, 2010

Day 319 - The Locket

The Locket

Tarnished it sits in a velvet chest
Ages since it was remembered last
Emblazoned with an ancient crest
Opening reveals a long faded past
Of a girl with brown locks and her love
For the boy with the crooked grin
Years ago he was sent up above
The separation of the pair such a sin

She used to wear it with pride
Shining on the silver chain
All the arguments they had tried
Were simply made in vain
A pair like theirs could not be split
By mere things like class and race
On her parents porch she used to sit
Eager for a glimpse of his face

The month that he died, when the car hit
Shattered her world and drowned her in tears
Intoning time and again, I won’t believe it
They had promised one another years.
Years it took for her to finally let go
Finding her place in a world of the living
Where she would not bury herself in snow
Where she could go on, always giving

Giving that boy with that smile
The place in her heart forever more
Walking the road, mile by mile
Finding at last a family in store
Raising them, with all the love she had
Left from her boy who went to the sky
Too early, too soon and much too sad
She will join him, when life lets her die

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