November 23, 2010

Day 323 - Tuesday at the Lawyer's Hand

Sit yourself down here, sir
And we shall take care of the rest
We will get the fairest deal I am sure
I promise we will fight the fight, best
They disappear and you gaze on in
At the plush little haven you are given
It seems safer here than out there
In the world with the harsh whatever The problem that brought you in here
Is hidden for a few blessed minutes
How well quiet can quell your fear
And stop you from falling to bits


  1. Very proud to be on the blog with a photograph and beautiful poem--so accurate.
    Diane M. Lucianna
    Lucianna and Lucianna
    111 Main St.
    Hackensack, NJ

  2. It was a pleasure to write it. Thanks so much for the feedback.