December 24, 2010

A Season Special - To Write A Letter

Dearest Readers,
Today the Photographer wrote a poem, and the poet graciously took a picture for it. Happy Holidays!

Let's revive the art of letter writing,
A skill unpracticed in these modern days.
Perhaps we can make it more exciting,
By filling the pages with long essays.

We can buy stacks of stamps and envelopes,
Some pencils and even a feather pen.
Our hands will prance around like antelopes,
Glide over from one side and back again.

Sign your name craftily and lick the seal,
Close the parcel and place it in the mail.
The postman will arrive with all his zeal
And your written story to me may sail.

The journey ends and I'll read the report,
Then begin narration of my own sort.

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