January 2, 2011

Day 363 - Yin and Yang

Let us hide our answer away
It is too precious to simply say
Lie by my side and trust me, dearest
Things are alright when you are nearest
It is in finding your hand to hold
Turning the deepest lead into gold
So pure that it emanates light
All the while bringing on the wisdom of night
That echoes in shades of the moon
And each way the lovers swoon
Across the pages of every book
In the ways that their eyes look
But only when gazing at each other
The other half to be found in one another
The other answer to the question
The other response to the suggestion
The way the birds wish they could fly
High and away into the azure sky
We are the two halves of the soul
Only united can we ever be whole
She who radiates light at every turn
She needed some shadows to finally learn
She who walked with night as her cloak
It was time that she finally spoke
And so hands held we go on
With the stamping of a bear and the grace of a swan


  1. this is really nice, great idea for a photo , and the poem is deeply inspiring!

  2. Oh my god. I love this and damn near cried.