January 5, 2011



Dearest Blog Readers,

It is official, this post is post-blog. There won't be a poem and the photograph is a combination of shots from yesterday and today. This project has been one of the wildest rides we have ever taken and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for taking it with us.

A little about us when we're not blogging, today just as two ordinary citizens, Eric took over 170 photographs and Jackie, wrote 6 poems which changed and grew as we went about on adventures. Without a deadline our fingers still dash across the keyboard (but without anxiety) and our batteries dying won't destroy the world; if the internet chooses to be temperamental we won't be as tempted to curse the heavens above for taunting us so. The comments and support we have received in the past 24 hours and the past 365 days have been overwhelming and life changing.

We hope you have seen enough to have a favorite post, enough that the images are stuck in your mind, enough that words of your own blossom upon your tongues, and maybe occasionally you remember a phrase.

From the mind of the Poet: Writing on a single moment (trapped in the lenses of a camera), has drawn out my appreciation for the little things in life. The way the beach marks your trail, by inviting footprints into the sand it holds, or the joy of dancing as though nothing else in the world matters. Single moments barely exist in life, for they are linked to a chain of events before and after, so closely that our memories of them are never completely clear. Taking the time to love that truth and push it to its limits has been an extraordinary experience.

From the mind of the Photographer: : Grabbing my camera as I head out the door, my brain automatically goes into “story mode”. Walking down the street, everything I see suddenly has a story. That bird to my left is courting the one on the power lines. The dog across the street is walking his human, trying to get her to run and be healthier. The squirrel running around under the acorn tree is hunting for food to last through the winter. Upon the return to my computer, my stop-motion stories are fixed up and sent off to my poet to be told.

Thank you each from the bottoms of our hearts, to those of you in our home communities, and to those of you across oceans. Our art is the most we can give you, and in receiving it you have parts of us.

With Peace,
Jackie & Eric

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