January 14, 2010

Day 10 - Deep Darkness

Deep Darkness
Where did you put the light, love?
I am trying to gradually, this darkness shove
Past shadows that seemed to have swallowed it away
All my breathing labored and this is hard to say
Once you stood behind me with a light
And lying together we spent the night
I am trying to respect the surrounding quiet
After all how could I do anything to belie it?
Yet sorcerer's play need no longer deceive
You are the traitor, in whom I once could believe
But as said before you stole my light
And now I am in a world of endless night
You will come in and show me the lesser shadows there
And once more I will be convinced that you care
About how I travel through emotional times
How many of these verses are truly your rhymes?
You were my muse, my inspiration
All the notes in my songs of true elation
But now I see that you are the dark
Even if your voice is as sweet as that of the lark
You have me feeling cold and lost
I am bruised, from being too many times tossed
I will be better once from memories you have flown
So I now journey through this darkness alone

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