January 15, 2010

Day 11 - Just Tomorrow

Just Tomorrow

Weighty moments have tipped the scales
Justice has been blinded once more
I fear the time when She fails
Leaving the forgotten without a score
Alas, the fiend Opinion leaps from left to right
Keeping your mind spun in confusion
Pretending to support Justice's sight
While knowing it is truly abetting delusion
Time has passed all concerns with Justice's plight
Clock a tick-tocking with no end in sight
But now it moves to the center untrue
There is now much too much balance in view

Bells toll out as sirens and angels battle
High in the skies bringing no help to us
We are here, down below we struggle and rattle
Hoping that again on Earth they will focus
Nature laughs cruelly and pulls another stone
Numbers of people and lives are once again unknown
How can we hope to stop this unrest?
When all the old leaders have now confessed
They know no more than we the people
Not even guided by scripture or steeple

Who could ever imagine this day would come
When all they could do was admit their defeat
After all the harm they have caused for some
Now they say their missions are incomplete?
They still have more hurt waiting to file through
For damage and hatred they shall go the distance
But what of the tragic ones, me and you?
Struggling to keep up the positive resistance
Is there not some message we can pull from the air
To express the need for us all to truly care
For every single one and other
The whole of humanity like sister and brother

Justice someday soon must make a choice
Blind faith in the system is now failing
For if her blindness prevents her voice
Than the discouraged will never stop their flailing
The poor and the endlessly hungry
They are no worse off than those we reject
All need the chance to be free
Each human being deserves that respect
So take up what it is that you hold with pride
Stand up for what is right we wield too much now to hide

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