January 18, 2010

Day 14 - Capturing Wonders

Capturing Wonders

Look back with joy and see the dancers
We are all in a world of romancers
That brings the core of light to us
On which the camera will focus

A year marks every moment shared
All the people who have sent love and cared
Every phone call that left you breathless
All the things that keep you restless

The lenses is captures me from a thousand miles away
It holds onto all the secrets we need not even say
And from up close in my own place
It captures the endless laughter on my face

This world I have found and where I am living
Is one that astounds me with its giving
Of all the good and songs we can sing along to
It began with the smile of me and you

Looking back we see the message is in each hand
And learning together we all understand
That this year is better than all of the last
That happiness is now and in the past

Shutters click and swirl into perfect formation
Bringing about the brilliant creation
That show how we breathe in and out and live
With every moment that we can give

Keeping my heart full I trek farther along
Remember the tunes to every single song
Skipping and bouncing and dancing all around
Loving each who person who shares with me the profound

That conjures up nights of mysteries and laughter
And moments that form our forever-after
Keep me twirling it is to hard to stop now
And with all this wonder, I would not even know how

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