January 19, 2010

Day 15 - Adventures to Key Places

Adventures to Key Places

Start up the stories that barely manage to last
Soon we will be zooming through streets much too fast
The curving roads are all I wish to see
But alas I am still lacking a key
I think you hid it in your crinkled face smile
You have had the message all this while
Waiting to post and prod and play
Waiting for the dramatic changing day
You put more style and pizazz into this age
Making it seem more daring than a simple turn of a page
In the time it takes me to turn the key
You and I will be living in a fantasy
Did you know that between the blue in your eyes
There is the revealer of another disguise
That lies quiet and still as you sleep
Into my soul the feelings begin to seep
Please share your key and I will give my license
Letting you explore the adventures over the old fence
You have me under some sparkling enchantment
With all the slight signals your hand's touch sent
Start your engines and hold on tight
We are traveling down a road with no end in sight

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