January 6, 2010

Day 2 - Little Lady Luck

Lady luck lies just behind the glass
If only over the pillows you could pass
There is a mystery that she hides so well
Within rose pink lips we swear, “never to tell”
She gazes out at you or at least your memory
When you stood on her o so roof gallantly
And sugarcoated rose petals spilt to the ground
Spreading the joy of her smile which flowed all around
But still she has hope that you will return
Her spirit and love you can never to cinders burn
She is pure as the blue in her eyes
It goes deep like the seas, not high in the skies
Any more man would wish to fall in
To write her a symphony just to begin
She is not just luck by light o so bright
Warming and brightening the darkest of night
However you are not there to find her
No glorious entrance from just behind her
Gazing out the window is what she does
Not only for you there’s more just because
She hides so much behind those brilliant locks
Wisdom is time, and in her mind all clocks
Tick away to the allotted hold humans claim
Minutes and seconds would be the appropriate name
She knows more than what you would search for
She keeps it all in-between her breath and more
Little lady luck enjoys the secrets she can keep
Only you could ever have gotten so deep
And if you do not have the answer of his smile
Than you will be waiting forever and a while
Because she only searches and smiles for him
Remembering the days he went out on a limb
To whisper her sweet nothings, so only she could hear
That to him she was the sweetest and forever the most dear

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