January 7, 2010

Hello to all you brilliant blog readers out there!

Welcome to the blog of our brand new project.
The idea of this project and epic artistic attempt came along when we (the poet, myself, and the photographer) were once again playing collaborations. We decided the most appropriate way to share these creations with the world is to blog about them.
So here is our promise to one another and online to you as well.

We will post one photograph and corresponding poem every single day, for 365 days... yes that is a year long commitment that we are thrilled to have begun on January 5, 2010. This is by far my most important New Year's Resolution, so sit back and enjoy as we take on this crazy project.
The original rules that started it all are...

The Rules (or how the crazy artists start such things)

-The goal of this project is to produce one piece of collaborative work daily for an entire year hence the title “Three Hundred Sixty Five: The Project”.
-DAY DEADLINE: 12:00 midnight CST
-Poem and photograph and vice versa must be written and taken on the same day according to the above deadline and the solar Calendar.
-This project commenced on January 5, 2010
-As a collaboration between Eric and Jackie.
-The practice is of photograph being taken first and poem being written to that photograph.
-Eric will serve as the photographer.
-Jackie will serve as the poet.

We are thrilled to begin this journey from a Wolf and Stranger... (figure out who's who, later)
Peace, Love and Excellent Visual and Literary Experiences,
~The Poet

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