January 21, 2010

Day 17 - Clock Chaos

Clock Chaos
How dare you shape my life into pieces?
What happens when all of this ceases?
I would like to see you shattered and falling apart
Just in time to the beat of my slowing heart
You define in circles every step I take
Yet what if there is some path unmarked I wish to make?
Hidden sparks that plead to be free of minute space
You declare all of our lives on your tiny face
I see how you set up you battalion in preparation
Honest to the fact that you rarely escort celebration
In fact you only dare to greet the cycle so modern
That says there is still so much we must learn
You think that you hold power even over the seasons
You put yourself in an ivory tower forgetting all the reasons
Showing what could matter even without shiny gears
I have blood and bone but none of your seers
That keep all of essence on in-between ground
With hands that only know how to go slowly round
How could they know the answers without every sharing a hug
They hold no connection of shoulders to even shrug
The pieces you see are whom I am becoming
I am not ever constant, but like a river running
That swirls and captures and laughs like the brooks
Always the learner and reader of books
So when I slow down with my last sigh
I shall look you straight in the eye
And at last I will know it is true
My life was made entirely of you

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