January 22, 2010

Day 18 - Cold Crow's Nest

Cold Crow's Nest

If you draw in closer, you can feel the love
But I am looking in from too far above
I have no invitation so I wait way up here
You need not see if upon my cheeks lay a tear

Why will you not bring me down from the sky?
I am so lonely on my perch way up high
He put me up here and left me a tired solo
But now I cannot find another place to go

It is cold and quiet I cannot hear you sing
In fact I am deaf to nearly everything
The growl of your engine as heat rises in clouds
I am wishing I could be spinning within those crowds

You could speak to my entire soul
All the pieces you could make whole
And yet I stand too far away to see
Are you ever going to search for me?

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