January 29, 2010

Day 25 - Paris Was Not Meant to Be?

My darling you made promises to me
Years ago that we would visit that city
Where boulevards are made of the lovely and fine
Where we would find joie de vivre, yours and mine
The clock behind says it is not possible
The mighty ocean without you is uncross-able
So why did you leave me here so lonely
You will always be my one and only
This was your present, you said I was the gift
That in all the world, only I could lift
You, up and high into the skies above
Together we would discover the City of Love
But you have gone to the ground they say
And all my dreams have fallen away
Yet as I walk our quiet town and small places
There is nothing that is not yours in the faces
Our little flower shop where you bought the first bouquet
That is now the path leading me to places far away
That simple park bench where you caressed my hand
None in all the cities of the world could ever understand
Why that is the place I treasure more than all the rest
Anywhere we were, will forever be the best
But darling I do not know how with you gone
They swear the City of Love goes on
That the tower still pierces the night sky with light
That there are still dreams and hopes that are bright
It has gone away forever and ever
Now that we are not together
That is the fact that remains and lives on
The only one I think of, now that you are gone
So please come back and together we will be
The revivers of the joys of that beautiful city
It is unfair that a shot to your golden heart
Could be the last thing to tear us apart
Please my love, wake me from this nightmare
No one else knows just how you and I would care
Stop lying there and quickly come with me
To the place we always wanted, that beautiful city

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