January 28, 2010

Day 24 - Just Beyond the Door

Smiling secrets hide behind solid oak
Crafted by the elegant elven folk
Within the brass is sturdy heart
Knocking with this piece can cause a start
If you dare enter there is much to see
A world beyond the imagination of you and me
So the door stops us before we enter
Bringing us to meditation at the center
Of our beings that long to explore
We need so much more than we dare ask for

Brass gazes at us almost smiling
It has a face that is playfully beguiling
It sends a message you word rather ignore
All hidden behind this mighty oak door
Do not ask for what you know you need not
Otherwise within their mysteries you will be caught
The elven folk play a silent game of chivalry
Weaving it all into silver tongued clarity
But alas we mere mortals shall never know
How far the world behind this door can go

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