January 13, 2010

Day 9 - Symmetrical Scene

Symmetrical Scene
Winding and twisting down deep below
Have you foreseen where you might go?
Lightness and whiteness can now find you
However, have you searched of late behind you?
No instead you pad deeper
Far from the daylight and bright windowsill
Frozen in time is shadow and light
From above the morning and below the night
Unmarked territory brings you to new conclusions
Though you never fear for any such confusions
Turning that corner, you know not what you shall see
The sharp turns have become masks of mystery
Squared off corners show make-believe order
But sight is after all the cleverest sorcerer
It coaxes the mind to see all the gentle and good
So some days we miss danger, though before us it stood
Shining and openly quite malicious
Though our eyes disguise it as sugary bliss
Now you have been warned as I said before
Curiosity beckons you deeper; dare you take one step more?

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