January 12, 2010

Day 8 - The Key

The Key
You pull away to run and flee to freedom and peace
But not quite yet you still have more locks to turn
You think with a click is the ultimate release
But you silver one, have still much to learn
The methods of opening into the darkness
It keeps the young ones still wary and cautious
Dark brings about such vulnerability
And you only dare open the white door
The simple design of yours, suggests humility
We all know secretly though, you want to soar
Opening gates up in the heavens above
To places of calmness, quiet and love
Your brass chain it has some other plan
To go down to the depths far below ground
To discover the source of all plights of man
Where screaming and anguish in caves resound
And finally your tag is made of lighter things
It suggests mundane games and gentle swings
Not too much to hide from or censor
It is tugging just so lightly for the middle
Wanting gentle days and nothing much more
It finds no need to hungrily fiddle
In the affairs of all the rest
And perhaps it secretly knows it is the best
All together you suit one another well
Opening some places and locking others
There is not a single message you sell
Instead you combine as a band of brothers
To open the door into darkness or light
Always knowing that everything shall be alright

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