January 16, 2010

Day 12 - Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest
Magic mysteries swirl through this quiet space
Through the crunch and sprawled leafy resting place
Fairies leap from limb to limb gracefully
Spying the secrets that grow here beautifully

Back behind us lie many a dry leaf
Carpeting a spindly fortress on the regal fief
That hold nightly balls under the moon
Glistening dew will be coming so soon

Wands whine to be blessed with simple use
Just perhaps as a light, instead of a fuse
Leaves smile happily on this forest floor
Whispering hints of ancient lore

All we hope to find in a fantasy and a fairy queen
Is in this completely wondrous scene
Just remember the sweet flute piping scene
Just remember the sweet flute piping tune
And all that comes alive under the silvery moon

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