February 1, 2010

Day 28 - Cold Yet Not to the Core

Cold Yet Not to the Core

Warm shadows and sun shine through
But it is colder than you ever knew
There sits a charade, ice posing as glass
Waiting for the final moment to pass
Then ice can grow into a mighty raging river
Cold and willing to call on every forgiver
Even in times when the message is false
It disregards all voices with a pulse
But that is only what you see on the surface
The core of the matter you swiftly dismiss
For it is colored the same shade all the way through
But that is not the only reality that is true
Ice can reflect out the brightest of light
Or keep you shivering into the night
Leaving that door so slightly ajar
Has already gotten you this far
Next time manage to hide your own disaster
Do not come and attack my forever after

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