February 2, 2010

Day 29 - Justice Lies

Justice Lies

Look, there lays Justice so dormant and still
Not at all worried about anyone's will
Even though now it has been said she is missed
I am still just a number on an endless list
That she has ignored for a score or two it seems
Any actual help seems now to only exist in dreams
If you pull hard enough on a set of strong scales
You will find so many tellers spinning tales
After all how often does Honesty stand
To the right of sweet Justice hand in hand?
One would think this a normal occurrence
But it only seems to add in more abhorrence
In the fact that they do nothing for the true goal
They just increasingly digging deeper the hole
Where all the ones who need help the very most
End up, or so Malice and Anger boast
They seem to rule with a much firmer grasping fist
Like the cancerous ulcer or the yellowing cyst
If only the scales that hold Justice would wake
There would be such great steps we could take
But still the dormant and uncaring stances are rampant
Nothing more powerful of Hopes' virtues are sent
So the answer is simple and unjust existence
Still no help for those taking path of resistance

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