February 5, 2010

Day 32 - Don't Ask Don't Tell

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
If you will not ask, then I will not say
But out on the prowl was tough today
You cannot imagine the things I saw
Our where I stepped with my not-so-dainty paw
Suffice to say the stars and stripes were served
Purrhaps even more than you people deserved
But I will stalk to fight once again
But who can say what might happen then?
There could be treacherous mountains to scale
Or even a graceful save by my tough tail
I would land and pounce once more
Foolish men, would only use the door
I would leap from pillar to post
And the evening would end with a toast
Applauding the many lives I had saved
And the dangerous missions I braved
The males they think they will ensnare me one day
But foolish boys, skirts were never my forte
I may be beautiful and o so lush
But into my nest you shall not rush
I have better adventures to peruse and discover
With my knife by my side I need no other
Ah the marvelous times and cahoots
Of I, the granddaughter to Sir Puss-in-Boots

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