February 4, 2010

Day 31 - Breathless Belonging

Breathless Belonging
Remember when we wished upon each star?
Promising one another we were together now matter how far
Those are the days that I miss more than all the rest
When "I love you" was a natural though stunning guest
In your arms there was little more to say
Then "I promise that forever I will stay".

You happen to hold the light of celestial beings
Without you there is not much meaning in these things
Even the comet streaking across the brightening sky
Without you begins to weep and sigh
For you are the message from far far away
The start and end to every day

"Stars are you listening can you hear me?
This is my wish, bring him near me...
How else can I go on and believe?"
These are the words that from my mouth leave
Droplets of hope into the dark night
They are the pinpricks of quiet light

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