February 8, 2010

Day 35 - Solitary Warmth

Whispered secrets are often the most true
This so warm, precious wonder it waits for you
Cozy and quiet shutters block out the cold
On the shelves lie tomes holding tales of old
It holds only silence without your wise nodding
Though here lies your chair forgotten is plotting
My corner is darkened in these shades of light
How shall it brighten when you are out of sight?

If you look closely you can just barely spy
The glistening hints of tears I will soon cry
This place is quite lonely when you are not near
When I wish to speak volumes no one will hear
It breaks my heart, this constant hinting at more
When my hearts’ desires are no longer in store
They used to keep me captivated here, writhing
But naught keeps me happy here without your thriving

In the warm moments that we would lie there
Everything in the world was yours and mine to share
The message was always true and devoid of complications
Your hands trickling over me left such wild sensations
Now the entire haven lies motionless and solitary
And the candle has no possibilities or hope to carry
So it stays dark and views the tired scene before it
Knowing less and less of where our wild dreams sit

I have no more answers or fancy things to say
The muse tends to take leave whenever you are away
If you could come up slowly, behind me as a surprise
I would kiss the fingers of the hands, which would cover my eyes
And hold you close in a sweet simple embrace
Tears would fall like rain as I saw your brilliant face
But alas I stare onward only to see
That the room without you is still empty

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