February 9, 2010

Day 36 - Adventures of a Teddy Bear

Adventures of a Teddy Bear

Teddy wanted to learn to fly today
So we plotted long and hard in my room
Over tea and crumpets that were yummy I say
We talked about how he would zoom
Mr. Turtle helped me too just as we planned
But Ms. Snake says that Teddy won't understand

We put a flying scarf on his head
As I told him how much I love him
We practiced the height, jumping on the bed
While Monkey swung on his favorite limb
It was all going really well I think
So we went downstairs to get a drink

I was telling Molly our puppy how it was going
As I munched on goldfish and drank my juice
We were finally ready for the big showing
Which I stood up tall to introduce
So I said, "I always knew Teddy could soar."
He went up, up and then down, down onto the floor

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