February 20, 2010

Day 47 - The Answer

Today I would like to express a special thanks to Andrea Gibson, (author of "Say Yes" a poem for our age and our lives, our souls and our joys) for her astounding work and Matt Gordon for sharing it with me. With that being said here is today's poem. ~ The Poet

The Answer

Were you looking or did you simply see
How we are growing into humanity
In every breath that we exhale together
We find another shard of forever

If you have the answer than something is not right
Because such wisdom comes from living out of sight
And you are able to gaze through absolutely everything
Pulling in all the notes that before we never dared to sing

The light behind you captivates me
But the shadow is all we ought to dare see
However someone along the line taught me differently
So I view it all with closed eyes magnificently

The truth lies every moment of every day
So many honest things we wish to say
Are hidden beneath brows that too often furrow
Which one would hate to believe might bring us low

Yet in the same brow is every ounce of hope we could ask for
The answer is found stashed away in the hidden store
Which also keeps treasures like glitter and dreams
Bound all together in the perfect package it seems

This package breathes and lives, growing
It is contentedly not all-knowing
It holds only the answers we together might understand
It comes to a glowing finale as the world stands hand in hand

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