February 21, 2010

Day 48 - Free Flowers?

Free Flowers?

I only ask for flowers when it is cold
And love stories still untold
I only wish for a new star in the sky
So that no special moments will pass me by
I only need a life like no other
All these are exhaustions for a lover
Yet you bring me flowers when it is freezing
You never scold me when I am too teasing
You think I am that celestial light
You wish upon me sweet dreams every night
In asking for the impossible I show
That such things cannot yet in my heart grow
So now I want everything else to be gone
Only for this moment to live on
But I see you in the corner turning the clock
So that into this instant we can lock
The only thing you cannot give to me
Is my unheard wish to be free
To fly away, high and soar
To things I could never ask for

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