February 23, 2010

Day 50 - Author's Aura

Author's Aura

There is my quiet throne
Surrounded by a loving tone
Of all the energy sent my way
As I sat musing here today
You see the red beginning it all
That is the hope I like best
At least until my gaze will fall
And I will like it as much as the rest
You see the blue that swirls just right?
It helps me sleep sweetly through the night
The hint of life in this scene
Can be found in the glowing green
Then there is the yellow, the sun
It hints that the black is not so deep
Fading green, orange and peace into one
Cries out joyously the time to leap
So when you see me sitting there again
Know that not every path is chosen
The muse just swirls in gentle waves
A quiet smile with each life it saves

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