February 24, 2010

Day 51 - Hopeless Heart

There lays my heart on the wooden floor
You might be asking “whatever for?”
But I have no answer, as it was lost to me
Someone else stole it away mischievously

But there they left it to be trampled on
Now I feel like it was always gone
Always just someone else’s plaything
And honestly that really does sting

It should be keeping time in my chest
Thrumming calmly beneath my breast
But instead it lies so lonely and still
And seems that it forever will

I thought you held it safely in your hand
But that did not go quite as I had planned
So now when another sees it in sight
I hurry away in a state of fright

Why did you make my heart hopeless?
Leaving me in this quiet yet chaotic mess
Where on the floor I can no longer live
With not a bit of my heart left to give

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