March 6, 2010

Day 61 - Forever the Waiter

Forever the Waiter
I see you leaving and my vision begins to blur
I still think of reasons why you should stay
But instead you go off in search of her
The one who left you during a rainy day
But that is alright for now there is sunshine
So you and she will last awhile just fine
They stop and stare as you and I part
It is a phenomena no one understands
For you were the boy after my own heart
Together we were seen always holding hands
But now astride your bike is only one
As you ride off into the proverbial sun
I am trapped in this moment even years later
I have turned into the lost lonely one
The one in those films, forever the waiter
Never the lover with looks to stun
Just the friend and cautionary tale
Of the times when love can fail

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