March 8, 2010

Day 63 - Painful Path

Painful Path

I meant to say goodbye I swear
And yet my heart wrenched at such a plan
It does not show how much I care
Only that I am a cowardly man
If you saw the tears running down my face
Perhaps you would think me less of a disgrace

Each mile I drive my foot aches in pain
It longs to bring me back to you
So I find myself slamming the brakes again
For this reality should not be true
But there are no u-turns in the road of life
And you did not wish to be my wife

I spent all those years in hopeful silence
As they time and again made the wrong choice
Every man who hurt you deserved my violence
Instead I was just the sweet calming voice
Whispering in you ear how it would work out
Just because of this goodbye please never doubt

That night when I stood in the deluge
Which drenched us both down to the bone
For me that was nothing at all huge
Just what I had meant in every single tone
That lingered in my husky voice when we talked
Even thought you flirtatiously always mocked

The first path I chose had you right beside me
Yet this you would never comprehend
So this harder path is to hide me
I wanted much more than to be your friend
But now in my heartbreak there is no longer a quest
So I simply let it tear me apart from the chest

I am open to so many things
But none of them can fix what I broke
After all none of them brings
Back the words that I spoke
So I am leaving far away from here
You never wanted me after all dear

If you want to find me you know how
Just smile that smile and I will come running
Just simply quirk your beautiful brow
Every word from your lips is stunning
You are all I ever wanted and more
So tell me what am I leaving for?

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