March 22, 2010

Day 77 - Drown Me

Drown Me

You say it is only one drop but you have not seen it fall
This is the drop that will drown us all
In the ocean of our own lives and memories
The most varied of the many seas
It begins here on a tiny twig so innocent
Yet in the sun it shall reveal a brilliant tint
Crystalline rainbows so magical
That all the rest is fantastical
On this small vine there is love
And every other gift from above
Taking your hand I gaze awestruck
At the essence of my incredible luck
And together we wait for the drop to fall
The one that will drown us all

1 comment:

  1. Dear Poet,

    The Photographer has informed me that you went to bed, so I was unable to relay the message that I very much like today's poem through him to you. So I'm commenting.

    Much love, Jenna